Getting Involved

Managing a Link

The essence of ALMA is relationships, and links between individual parishes, schools or other organisations are an important part of ALMA’s work. There are over 50 links at the moment - see the lists of the current links.

Setting up a Link

There are parishes in Lebombo, Niassa and Angola currently wanting to link with a parish in London. If you think your parish might be interested, why not contact the ALMA Twinning Officer to talk about this further. See the current list of those wanting a link.

In setting up a link, it is very helpful to have a profile of your organisation available. Here are some guidelines for creating a profile - choose the parish or school profile as appropriate.

Visiting a Link Partner

It is essential to contact the ALMA office if you are thinking about a visit to any of our partner dioceses. WARNING: Due to instability in some areas, if you are currently considering travelling to Mozambique please do first contact the ALMA office on or for current advice.

There are guidelines to help a London Parish or School plan a visit to a partner in Angola or Mozambique.

Hosting a visit from a Link Partner

If you are thinking of inviting visitors from your link parish to come to London, please contact the ALMA Office in the early stages of your thinking (i.e. at least six months before the intended date) as we have essential advice that can help your visit go as smoothly as possible.

We can help you develop a clear aim for the visit in terms of benefit to your visitor and your host parish. The ALMA community as a whole can benefit from sharing in the visit if the planning includes meeting the ALMA Officers and Reps from other parishes.

The office has copies of visa forms, UKBA advice, visa costs and website links needed for visa applications. UK visa applications are expensive and any corrections will incur another application fee, so it’s important to ensure that our visitors have all the information they need. The ALMA Office can help with this.

The information available in the ALMA office includes guidance on

  • preparations - visa application, financial considerations, insurance;
  • during the visit - hospitality, gifts, communication;
  • after the visit - reports etc.

Sending Goods or Funds to a Link Partner

ALMA has guidelines for a London Parish or School that wants to send Goods or funds to a partner.

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