Diocese of Nampula



In the Province of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa (Archbishop Thabo Makgoba)

Bishop of Nampula :The Rt. Rev Manuel Ernesto


Bishop’s and Diocesan Office
Q 8 C1 Marrere
P.O. Box 44

+258 84 79 86 225 and +258 87 28 55 232

ALMA link officer: Mr Admore Sanhewe

Diocesan Secretary: Ven Eugenio Mepo

Director of Mission: Ms Muassite Jose Miguel

Chancellor: Advocate Samuel Mambele

Chair Finance Committee: Estevao Sululo

Finance Officer: Saria Cadalamba

There is a full staff list here

Map of Niassa Diocese

Some key facts about the diocese:

  • The diocese was founded in 2019, being inaugurated on 16 March.
    (Before that it was part of Niasa diocese.)
  • It covers the two civil provinces of Nampula and Cabo Delgado.
  • Bishop Manuel Ernesto was enthroned on 16 March 2019
  • The cathedral church is at Nampula.
  • There has been an Insurgency in Cabo Delgado Province since 2017 - see articles on the Diocese of London site and a longer list here

The Links between Nampula and London

See more about the links between parishes in Nampula and London …

A prayer for the new Diocese

Lord of heaven and earth:

We ask you to give this missionary diocese of Nampula

Everything necessary for your spiritual growth;

Means to educate children in your love and service,

Ministers to work in this area,

Churches in which they manifest

The Beauty of worship, the preaching of faith and good customs;

May these virtues of them fall all over the earth.

Cheer up and strengthen the faithful;

Protect and guide children;

Comforts and heals the sick and afflicted;

Drive the evil to repentance;

Awaken the careless; stimulates the penitents;

Removes all obstacles to the expansion of your truth;

And leads us to unity, heart and thought,

Inside the body of your Holy Catholic Church,

For Honour and glory of your name.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Senhor dos céus e da terra:

pedimos-Te que dês a esta Diocese Missionária de Nampula

tudo o que for necessário ao seu crescimento espiritual;

meios para educar as crianças no teu amor e serviço,

ministros para trabalharem nesta área,

igrejas em que se manifestem

a beleza do culto, a pregação da fé e os bons costumes;

que estas virtudes delas irradiem por toda a terra.

Anima e fortalece os fiéis;

protege e guia as crianças;

conforta e cura os doentes e os aflitos;

conduz os maus ao arrependimento;

desperta os descuidados; estimula os penitentes;

remove todos os obstáculos à expansão da tua verdade;

e conduz-nos à unidade, de coração e de pensamento,

dentro do corpo da tua santa Igreja católica,

para honra e glória do teu Nome.

Mediante Jesus Cristo, nosso Senhor. Ámen.