Other Partners


ALMA is not alone in its relationship with the Anglican Church in Angola and Mozambique. It is good to know we all share in this important work.

The Mozambique and Angola Anglican Association

MANNA is a national organisation that exists to broaden awareness of the Anglican Church in Angola and Mozambique and to raise money for projects related to the work of the churches. It is much older than ALMA and celebrated its centenary in 2006. ALMA and MANNA share the same desire to be active and loving partners for the growing Anglican congregations in Angola and Mozambique. ALMA helps to make this possible for parishes in the London Diocese.

Contact: Elizabeth Thomas, Manna Executive Officer, 1 The Green, Marcham, OX13 6NE.

Visit their website at

MANNA publishes a magazine three times a year, which is sent to every parish in the London Diocese. Do have a word with your vicar if you would like to see a copy. If you want your own personal copy, contact the General Secretary. A donation of £5 per annum (cheque payable to MANNA) would cover the printing and postage costs.

Diocese of Västerås (Church of Sweden)

Västerås is a large conurbation to the west of Stockholm. Its medieval cathedral is the seat of the Bishop of Västerås. The Diocese is linked with Mozambique.