Diocese of Púnguè



Missionary Diocese of Púnguè River, covering the Mozambican provinces of Manica and Sofala. A part of the former Diocese of Lebombo.

Diocese of Pungue logoBishop Paulo Hansine

In the Province of the Anglican Church of Mozambique and Angola (Igreja Anglicana de Mocambique e Angola, or IAMA).

Bishop of Púnguè :The Rt. Rev Paulo Hansine


Bishop’s and Diocesan Office

Diocesan Secretary: Rev. Paulo Domingos Joaquim

Financial Officer: Leonardo Cossa

Vice Financial Officer: Francisca Cadalamba Maluana

Accountant: Abriana Suleman

Director of Projects: João Pedro Capassura

Financial Committee Chairman: Cristovao Copertino

Bishop’s Assistant: Carmelito Jaime Francisco

Map of Pungue Diocese

Some key facts about the diocese:

  • The diocese was founded in 2021, being inaugurated on 16 March.
    (Before that it was part of Lebombo diocese.)
  • The Diocese contains the Zove parish, a special place for ALMA. It was the site of an accident to the first ALMA visit to Mozambique, in which Berta Sengulane, the wife of the then Bishop of Lebombo, died.

The Links between Púnguè and London

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Parishes and Staff

Archdeaconry of Púnguè

Archdeacons Ven. Paulo Domingos Joaquim
Ven. Jacinto Cumbe
Ven. Francisco Charles
Parish of St. George, Beira Ven. Paulo Domingos Joaquim
St. Bernard Mizeki, Chimoio Ven. Jacinto Cumbe
Pastoral Zone of St. Bernard Mizeki, Tamabra Ven. Francisco Charles
Pastoral Zone of the Epiphany, Sena vacant
Pastoral Zone of St. Simon of Cyrene, Catandica Reva. Berta Gowera
Pastoral Zone of St. Augustine, Caia Rev. Tomás Banze
Pastoral Zone of St. Bartholomew, Gondola Rev. Manuel Fole
Pastoral Zone of All Saints, Nhamatanda Rev. Domingos Chipuazo
Pastoral Zone of St. Mary in Zove Rev. Celso Domingos
Pastoral Zone of St. Andrew, Muxungue vacant
Pastoral Zone of St. Mary of Mutua Rev. Araújo Cateano
Pastoral Zone of St. Michael vacant