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Pictures from a well constructed at Magachi with support from the Diocese of Niassa

[November 2011]

We have received pictures from Rebecca Vander Muelen of Niassa Diocese showing the well that has been built at Magachi, District of Lago, Province of Niassa in Mozambique. The work was supported by the diocese, and the funds used for this well include funds from ALMA and funds from the diocesan reserves.

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Old water source
Magachi's source of water, before the pump was built.
Journey to Magachi
Getting to Magachi—even at the end of the dry season—is a big challenge. This contributes to the lack of services available there!
Journey to Magachi
Journey to Magachi
Bridge Repairs
Well construction also requires bridge repair!
Beginning work
The beginning!
Shovelling rocks
Shovelling rocks to be used in the construction of the well.
Carrying water
Carrying water to mix with cement to make the concrete rings used to line the well.
Digging the well
Digging the well.
Raising soil
Hauling up soil from the well, bucket by bucket.
Making cement rings
Making the cement rings to line the well. Each ring has gravel, sand, water, and a 100 kg of cement, so is very heavy!
Well shaft
Mixing cement
Mixing cement
Starting the well cover
The beginning of the well cover.
Laying out the Apron
Laying out the well's "apron".
Almost there
Almost there!
Mounting the pump
Mounting the pump.
Pump pieces
Pump pieces all in place.
The apron
Finishing the pump
First water
The first water out of the pump is mucky (because of the digging that had been done), but the water quickly became cleaner.
Building the pump
Working well
Working well
Working well
Clean water!
Working well