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Pictures from the Bishop of Angola’s visit to London 2013

These pictures are from the visit that Bishop André Soares, Bishop of Angola, made to London in July 2013.

During his visit, he met the Archbishop of Canterbury, he preached at the ALMA Sunday service at St Paul’s Cathedral, and had a number of meetings with ALMA Reps. He also visited Liverpool and Derby.

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Archbp Welby and Bishop Soares
Bishop André Soares calls on Archbishop Justin Welby at Lambeth Palace 19 July
Bishop Soares
Bishop Soares at the ALMA Reps meeting at St Vedast on ALMA Sunday 14 July
Bishop Soares and Sheenagh Burrell
Sheenagh Burrell shows Bishop Soares some Taize chants
ALMA Reps meeting
The Alma Reps meeting
ALMA Sunday Service
The ALMA Sunday service at St Paul’s Cathedral on 14 July, where Bishop Soares preached
St Stephen's Canonbury children
The children from St Stephen’s Canonbury leading us all in the Angolan Creed, with actions at the ALMA Sunday service at St Paul's
ALMA Banner
The ALMA banner in procession at the ALMA Sunday service
Coloured banners
The beautifully coloured banners displayed at the front, that were made by Blair Peach Primary School in Southall
Inspecting the banners
Inspecting the banners after the ALMA Sunday service
Incumbents meeting
At a meeting on 16 July with Incumbents with parish links to Angola, at London Diocesan House
Bishop Soares and Peter Southwood
Bishop Soares and Peter Southwood
The stole
Bishop Soares was presented with a stole during the ALMA Sunday service. It was made by Ann Flett of St Mary’s Stoke Newington, and shows the outline of St Paul's on one side and a map of Angola on the other, with the letters A L M A in gold, around the neck, at the back when worn.
The stole
The back view of the stole
Bishop Soares with ALMA people
Bishop André Soares with Sheenagh Burrell, Helen Doery, Ven. Christopher Cunliffe (Chair of MANNA), and John Tasker
Bishop Soares at London Diocesan Synod
Bishop André Soares at the London Diocesan Synod on 18 July, with Bishop Richard Chartres
Bishop Soares at Anglican Community
Bishop André Soares at the Anglican Communion Office