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Bishop Litumbe grave
First Bishop of Niassa, Paulo Litumbe and his wife Helena, at rest in Messumba Cathedral.
Fixing tyres
Fixing the tyres yet again - car mechanics was not part of Bishop Mark’s job description.
Three Bishops
Johannesburg, Sept 2003
André Soares, Michael Colclough and Mark Van Koevering.
Ordination Service
Messumba, 4 Sept 2005
Ordination service for five new priests. The beautiful wall hanging is from St Andrew's Sudbury.
Bishop Sengulane
5 March 2006
Bishop Dinis Sengulane receives a blessing on his 60th birthday.
Rebecca Burrell at Cobwe
Cobwe Visit, Aug 2007
Rebecca Burrell with borrowed baby.
Building a Pit Latrine at Cobwe
Cobwe Visit, Aug 2007
The collage shows some of the many stages in building a pit latrine.
Palm Sunday in Lichinga
Palm Sunday 2008
in Lichinga, Niassa.