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ALMA Sunday Archive

Each year, ALMA celebrates its partnership on ALMA Sunday, usually the Sunday nearest 12 July. We record here some of the past events marking ALMA Sunday. These are also a useful resource for parishes wanting to have an ALMA themed service.


We celebrated ALMA Sunday on 24 July (later than usual because of the Lambeth Conference). There was a Eucharist at 5:30 at St Paul’s Cathedral, with tea beforehand at St Vedast Foster Lane.


ALMA Sunday posterAlthough ALMA Sunday was celebrated on 11 July during Covid-19 social distancing restrictions and without congregational singing, we marked the 23rd Anniversary of our partnership in St Paul’s Cathedral in joyful spirit as the video greetings to our ALMA partners (captured by ALMA Vice Chair, the Archdeacon of Hampstead) show: see the video at

The Bishop of London presided and the Bishop of Edmonton, London’s Bishop for ALMA, interviewed Revd Ben Lovell from St Mary’s Hampton on his reflections on their link with Sao Paulo Mandimba and the nature of partnership in the Gospel. Pat Phillips, our retiring ALMA project Officer for Angola, read the Epistle. Annie Ngundan and Michael White from St Mary Stoke Newington, twinned with Church of Epafania in Tete, led the intercessions. One of the Cathedral’s Vicars Choral sang three pieces of music connected with the ALMA Partnership during the service: the Gloria from Missa Epifania, collected and arranged by Michael White b. 1961; the Sanctus Hosanana Nas Alturas; and the song the late Fr Juliao Mutemba taught his link parish St John’s Greenhill, Jesus Cristo em breve vira.


There is also a gallery of pictures from the service available.


ALMA Sunday was on 19 July. However, it was not possible to have a service in St Paul’s Cathedral, because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Instead we produced a podcast of Evensong from St Paul’s cathedral, in celebration of the Diocesan link with the Anglican Church in Angola and Mozambique. The sermon was given by the Right Reverend Rob Wickham, Bishop for ALMA, payers were read by Reverend Sheenagh Burrell, ALMA Co‑ordinator, and a lesson read by Nikkita Robert. It can be heard here:

We also prepared some resources so we could mark ALMA Sunday creatively and prayerfully together, albeit at a distance.


ALMA Sunday posterALMA Sunday was on 7 July, with a service at 6 p.m. in St Paul’s Cathedral, with Bishop André Soares (Angola). Muassite Miguel (the Missions co-ordinator in the new Diocese of Nampula) was also present.

ALMA Sunday started with afternoon tea from 4 p.m. at St Vedast alias Foster.


ALMA Sunday was on 8 July, with a service at 6 p.m. in St Paul’s Cathedral. The Bishop of Niassa, Bishop Vicente Msosa, preached, Archdeacon Emmanuel Dacosta read a lesson and a group of visitors from St Stephen’s Luanda were present.

Downloads: the service sheet (PDF file427Kb) and the sermon given by Bishop Vicente (PDF file299Kb). There is also a gallery of pictures from the service available.


2017 PosterALMA Sunday was on 9 July, with a service at 6 p.m. in St Paul’s Cathedral. The Bishop of Lebombo, Bishop Carlos Matsinhe, preached and 25 pilgrims from Lebombo were present.

Downloads: a poster for the service (PDF file4067Kb). the service sheet (PDF file289Kb) and the sermon given by Bishop Carlos (PDF file376Kb)


2016 posterALMA Sunday was on 10 July, with a service at 6 p.m. in St Paul’s Cathedral. The Bishop of Angola, Bishop André Soares, was present, and the service was presided over by Bishop Rob Wickham, the Bishop for ALMA in London.

We have available for download a poster for the service (PDF file656Kb), and the music of the Special Gloria from Tete (PDF file2633Kb) that we sang in the Cathedral (thanks to St Mary Stoke Newington).


2015 posterALMA Sunday was celebrated on 12 July, with a service in St Paul’s Cathedral. The service was taken by Bishop Rachel Treweek, who had just resigned as Chair of the ALMA Steering Group. Bishop Mark Van Koevering, Bishop of Niassa, and Helen Van Koevering were present, and there were also visitors from Maciene School.

We made presentations to Bishop Rachel and Bishop Mark. Read more …

Downloads: The Poster for the service (PDF file188Kb))


2014 PosterOn 13 July, there was an ALMA Sunday service at St Paul’s Cathedral. Bishop Dinis Sengulane and Bishop Michael Colclough were at the service, and we thanked them for all they have given to ALMA. We also officially welcomed Bishop Paul Williams and Archdeacon Rachel Treweek to their new ALMA roles.

Before this, there was an ALMA Reps and Friends Afternoon Tea with Bishop Dinis and Lina at St Andrew’s by the Wardrobe.

Downloads: the Service Sheet (PDF file225Kb) and a poster for the service (PDF file1115Kb)


We celebrated ALMA Sunday on 14 July. This marked the fifteenth anniversary of the signing of the ALMA Covenant, which inaugurated our diocesan link with the Anglican churches in Angola and Mozambique.

2013 PosterIn the afternoon there was an ALMA Reps meeting with Bishop André Soares, Bishop of Angola, at St Vedast Foster Lane, and Bishop André preached in St Paul’s Cathedral at the ALMA Sunday Eucharist at 6 pm. See a full report. There are pictures from the service in a Picture Gallery.

Downloads: the Service Sheet (PDF file200Kb) and a poster for the service (PDF file669Kb)

We received greetings from Lebombo:

From Bishop Dinis Sengulane

Our warmest greetings from Lebombo.

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of ALMA, congregations in the Diocese prayed specially for our partnership through ALMA, thanking God for the many blessings we have received in these 15 years and committing  ourselves to deepen our fellowship in the Gospel through ALMA. Centrally, a festival was held at St. Cyprians at 14.00. where congregations converged to mark the occasion together. They sang, shared their experience of ALMA connections and their vision  about the future. Two hours of joy and celebration by a group which though not so big but was the representative of many. Next celebration is called for on 13 July 2014.

May God continue to be glorified through our partnership in ALMA.

From Bento Eliseu Michangula, Diocesan Secretary

Allow me to congratulate, through you, all the members of ALMA London (both clergy and laity, sisters and brothers, young and children) by the 14 July 2013, when we give thanks to the Almighty God for the fifteenth Anniversary of this linking body of the Dioceses of Angola, London and Mozambique, an instrument which has been vital for strengthening of our brotherhood and to speed up us all on the way of making others disciples of Jesus Christ, through sharing of all type of resources.  Your help and prayers are welcome.  Last Sunday we celebrated along with the Diocese the ALMA Sunday.

God bless us in this sacred adventure in favour of His mission.


Celebrated on 8 July in parishes.


2011 posterOn 10 July 2011, ALMA Sunday was celebrated at St Paul’s Cathedral with a Eucharist. The Rt Rev Dinis Sengulane, Bishop of Lebombo in Mozambique, was guest of honour.

Our theme was the “River of Prayer”; we celebrated eight new links in the past year; and the Diocesan Choir, led by Mervyn Hogg, took part in the service.

There is a gallery of pictures in our Picture Gallery section.


ALMA Sunday was celebrated at evensong at St Paul’s Cathedral, on 11 July.


We produced some prayers and suggestions for intercessions for ALMA Sunday on 12 July 2009.


2008 posterWe celebrated the 10th anniversary of ALMA with a service “River of Life” at St Paul’s Cathedral on 13 July. The Bishops of Angola, Lebombo, London and Niassa signed a new Covenant to renew the ALMA link.


We produced some background materials to help parishes celebrate ALMA Sunday on 15 July 2007.