Diary Dates


ALMA Reps meetings

Every Wednesday

ALMA Morning prayer is held every Wednesday via the ALMA YouTube channel.

We hold an ALMA Morning Prayer each Wednesday to enable us to pray together as a Partnership in the Gospel, and you are warmly invited to join us.

The corona virus emergency means that the face-to-face ALMA meetings have had to be cancelled.

Please keep up with ALMA news via our Facebook Page ALMA London or via Twitter @ALMALondonD which we also livestream on the homepage of our website, and (if you can do this) sign up to receive our bi-monthly newsletter.

We will keep you updated as best we can, and encourage you to remember Angola and Mozambique in your prayers - they have to face the threat of corona virus with many fewer resources.

ALMA events and services in the parishes

(Please notify us of any ALMA events in your parish)

24 July - ALMA Sunday

We plan to celebrate ALMA Sunday on 24 July this year. Further details later.

Events of interest to ALMA parishes*

(Please notify us if you know of any suitable events)

19 June

Consecration of bishops in Maputo:

Paulo Hamsine Diocese of Pungue River
Agostinho Buque Diocese of Maciene
Emmanuel Capeta Diocese of Inhamebane
Sergio Bambo Diocese of Tete

26 June

Consecration of bishops in Luanda:

Augusto Domingos Diocese of Cristo Rei
Pedro Vilar Jamba Diocese of the Centre & South of Angola
Joaquim Bondo Diocese of Divine Hope

9 July

Consecration of bishops in Messumba:

Lucas Mchema Diocese of Niassa

* We are always happy to advertise events and lectures which advance knowledge and understanding of Angola and Mozambique. Our policy is that we will only promote fund-raising events for the ALMA general or special project funds, and events in London parishes and schools for their partners in Angola and Mozambique.

ALMA Strategy Group meetings

If you have any issues you want raised at the next strategy group meeting, please contact the ALMA Co-ordinator at least three weeks in advance.