Diocese of Central and South Angola



Missionary Diocese of Central and South Angola.

Covering the provinces of Benguela, Namibe, Cunene, Huila, Huambo, Bie, Moxico and Kwando-Kubango.

In the Province of the Anglican Church of Mozambique and Angola (Igreja Anglicana de Mocambique e Angola, or IAMA).

Bishop: The Rt. Rev Pedro Vilares Jamba


Bishop’s and Diocesan Office

Dean of the Diocese: Rev. Elias Mbala

Diocesan Secretary: Reva. Regina Panzo

Mothers Union President: Mimosa Sabi Henriques

Director of Projects: Rev. Elias Mbala

ALMA Link Officer: Rev. Elias Mbala

Map of Central and South Angola Diocese

Some key facts about the diocese:

  • The Diocese was founded in 2021. Before then, it was part of Angola Diocese.
  • Bishop Pedro Vilares Jamba was enthroned on 17 July 2022

The Links between Central and South Angola and London

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Parishes and Staff

Archdeaconry of Central Angola

Archdeacon of Central Angola  
St Matthias, Lobito  
St Joseph, Huambo Revd Elias Domingos Mbala
St Barnabas, Benguela Revd António Domingos
Reva Rosa dos Santos Cangundo
Balombo missionary area  
Bié missionary area  

Archdeaconry of South Angola

Archdeacon of South Angola Ven André Muanza
St Andrew, Ondjiva Valériano Manuel Paulino
SS Simon and Jude, Namacunde Revd Moises Alfeus
St John the Baptist, Lubango Ven André Muanza
St Mary Magdalene, Bairro Katchambumba Reva Regina Miguel Panzo
St James, Chiedi Revd Adriano Ndadjowike
Holy Innocents Pastoral Zone, Santa Clara Revd Victor Kalenimwafange