ALMA Office

London Diocesan House, 36 Causton Street, London SW1P 4AU.

ALMA Co-ordinator: Sheenagh Burrell

Tel: 020 7932 1231 (in office Tuesdays) Email:

Contact Sheenagh for general enquiries, for information on projects to support, for speaker requests, and with contributions for the email circulars and website e.g. news about your parish links and any planned visits.

ALMA Communications Officer: Helen Doery

Tel: 020 7932 1231   Email:

ALMA Twinning Officer: John Tasker

Tel: 020 7354 3363   Email:

Contact John if your parish would like a link partner or for any issues concerning your existing parish link.

ALMA Projects Officer for ANGOLA: Pat Phillips

Tel: 020 7932 1231   Email:

Contact Pat about Projects in Angola including Link Parish Projects.

ALMA Projects Officer for MOZAMBIQUE: vacant

Tel: 020 7932 1231   Email:

For projects in Mozambique including Link Parish Projects.

All ALMA Officers have remote access to ALMA email

How to get to London Diocesan House


A map of the neighbourhood showing London Diocesan House is available using Google Maps.

There is information for car drivers and users of public transport on the Diocese of London web site.

Extra Information for those walking from Pimlico Station

Pimlico tube station has two exits - do NOT take the Rampayne Street exit, which is on your left as you come through the ticket barriers, but walk straight on to the Bessborough Street and Tate Britain exit. At the tiled wall, bear left to Bessborough Street (North) and then at the brick wall bear left up the sloping ramp out of the station.

Bear left and continue to the main road (Vauxhall Bridge Road) which you cross over and go straight into Causton Street. Stay on the left hand side of the road as it bends around to the left.

After the bend, London Diocesan House (36 Causton Street) is about two buildings along. It has an entry phone system, so buzz to be let in and say you have come for the ALMA meeting.

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