ALMA Projects

The purposes of ALMA are set out in the original Covenant signed on 12 July 1998 and the renewed Covenant signed on 13 July 2008. Funds raised are used for various projects, some of which are part of the ALMA’s Children or ALMA Catechists initiatives:

General Support

The types of activity which are met out of ALMA’s general fund include:

While some of these activities may not seem exciting to fund they are critical to capacity building in our Link dioceses and to enabling parish links to develop. Contact the ALMA Co-ordinator to find out how to make your donation.

ALMA’s Children

A fund set up in 1999 to promote education and the relief of poverty. Each of our Link dioceses is allocated one-third of the sums raised and details of the grants given are documented in the ALMA annual accounts.

Example projects:

Contact the ALMA Co-ordinator for more details about giving under this scheme.

ALMA Catechists

Pungoe Catechists
Catechists in Púngoe Archdeaconry

A fund established in November 2004 to help with the training of lay catechists and re-launched in November 2008.

There is a great shortage of trained priests to service the rapidly growing churches, which means many congregations are led by catechists who fulfil various lay ministry roles.

Training programmes under this fund have been drawn up that not only enable catechists to lead Sunday worship and take funerals, but also develop leadership skills. A programme in Púnguè Archdeaconry is a good example.

Would you or your parish support the training and equipping of a catechist? It costs about £500 (e.g. teaching, bicycle, bible, cassock), which can be paid in one lump sum or by standing order payments of £8.50 per month for five years.

Look at Lay Leaders’ Link Leaflet (PDF file 206 Kb) for details.

Donations to the ALMA Catechists fund will be split between the Dioceses of Lebombo and Niassa in Mozambique, because of the following alternative programme in Angola.

Mission and Ministry Training and Development Programme

Thanks to a generous personal donation, in 2006 a separately administered Mission and Ministry Training and Development Programme was started in Angola with funding for three years. It is intended that further funds from other sources will be sought to ensure this becomes a long-term investment in theological training. Contact the ALMA Co-ordinator for further details on what help is needed.

Special Projects

Many donations are received for special projects in our Link Dioceses, paid for by individuals or parishes. Such projects include:

We support some specific projects:

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