Diocese of Maciene



Missionary Diocese of Maciene, covering the Mozambican province of Gaza. A part of the former Diocese of Lebombo.

In the Province of the Anglican Church of Mozambique and Angola (Igreja Anglicana de Mocambique e Angola, or IAMA).

Bishop of Maciene :The Rt. Rev Agostinho Buque


Bishop’s and Diocesan Office

Map of Maciene Diocese

Some key facts about the diocese:

  • The diocese was founded in 2021, being inaugurated on 16 March.
    (Before that it was part of Lebonbo diocese.)
  • The cathedral church is at Maciene.

The Links between Maciene and London

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Parishes and Staff

Cathedral of St. Augustine at Maciene

Dean Most Rev. João Cruz
Chaplain Rev. Judas Moda Chano

Archdeaconry of St Savior

Archdeacon Ven. Isaïas Alberto Sele
Pastoral Zone of Saviour of the World, Xai-Xai Ven. Isaïas Alberto Sele
Pastoral Zone of St. Peter & St. Paul, Nhapfunwe Rev. Carlito Msambaule
Pastoral Zone of St. Luke, Nkhavelene Rev. Carlito Msambaule

Archdeaconry of Nhamavila

Pastoral Zone of All Saints, Nhamavila Rev. Alfredo Nhabetse
Pastoral Zone of St. Luke, Chilumbela Rev. Juda M Chano
Pastoral Zone of St. Paul, Chiduque Rev. João Camanguira
Pastoral Zone of St. John Mark, Manganhelene Rev. Tomás Chiponde
St. Peter & St. Paul, Nhapequene Rev. Alfredo Nhabetse

Archdeaconry of Limpopo

Archdeacon Ven. Xavier Muaga
Pastoral Zone of St. Peter, Chókwè Rev. João Bambo
Pastoral Zone of Good Samaritan of Massingir Ven. Xavier Muaga
Pastoral Zone of St. Andrew, Hókwè Rev. Alberto Daniel

Archdeaconry of Macia

Archdeacon Ven. Elias Novele
Pastoral Zone of SS. Mary and Marta, Macia Ven. Elias Novele
Pastoral Zone of St. John, Chissano Ven. Elias Novele

Archdeaconry of Chibuto

Archdeacon Ven. Gregório Macie
Pastoral Zone of St. Bernard Mizeki, Chibuto Rev. Zacarias Massapula
Pastoral Zone of St. Michael, Nhacutse Ven. Gregório Macie