“Prayer is not thinking good thoughts, it is remembering the presence of God and lifting up people we care for and love into the presence of God. And when we do that the most remarkable things follow.”
— The Bishop of London

Woman at prayer

Prayer underpins ALMA. Some churches like to pray for their linked parish on a fixed Sunday each month.

A Reflection from Beryl Warren

Beryl Warren, ALMA’s Intercessory Chaplin, reflect on the importance of prayer in ALMA and shares how everyone in ALMA is held in prayer.

I believe in the power of prayer and that God always hears every single prayer and responds. For me, prayer deepens and sweetens my relationship with Our Lord and it is a way of identifying with Jesus Christ. A very important reason for me to pray is that it gives me another way of expressing my gratitude for the love God gives to me and to all of us.

I have been given a great deal through my connection with ALMA, for which I will always be thankful. Even before I visited Tete, our twinned parish in Mozambique, I had seen a video showing the work that ALMA was supporting in Mozambique and Angola. I just fell in love with the people. When we actually made our visit to Tete, the depth of spirituality in the people we met fed me spiritually in such a way that it opened up and broadened my own spiritual awareness which taught me so much.

I have lists of people connected through ALMA and I pray for ALMA twice a day, but I do not pray for just a name, I pray for the person or place behind that name, so I can feel just as much a connecting love with someone I have not met or a place I have not been as with someone I do know or a place I have been. I believe this is a grace given to me by God.

I probably know heaps of people in ALMA, I just have not met then all yet but, by praying for them, a relationship already lives, through God.

Beryl Warren

The Partnership Prayer written by Bishop Dinis is a prayer of commitment. Alongside this is the everyday discipline of intercession, personal and collective.

Each year a prayer is written to reflect the theme of the Lent Appeal:

Other prayers

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