Diocese of Tete



Missionary Diocese of Tete, covering the Mozambican province of Tete. Parts of the former Diocese of Lebombo and Niassa.

In the Province of the Anglican Church of Mozambique and Angola (Igreja Anglicana de Mocambique e Angola, or IAMA).

Bishop elect : The Rt. Rev Sergio Bamba


Bishop’s and Diocesan Office

Vicar General: Ven. Eduardo Bukutu

Map of Tete Diocese

Some key facts about the diocese:

  • The diocese was founded in 2021, being inaugurated on 16 March.
    (Before that part was in Lebombo diocese, and part was in Niassa diocese.)

The Links between Tete and London

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Parishes and Staff

Ecclesiatical District of Tete

Cambulasisi Ven. Eduardo Bukutu
Pastoral Zone of the Epiphany, Tete Rev. Miguel Simbe
Rev. Dc Juliao Calengo
Vila Ulónguè Rev. Inocente Lucas Malinga
Rev. Cristina Aissa
Rev. Alberto Mapira
Rev. Felisberto Micheque Njaide
Rev. Manuel Vicente Safuri
Rev. Tomás Zimba