ALMA Partners

ALMA is partnered with the Anglican Church in Mozambique and Angola. This is a Province of the Anglican Church, known as Igreja Anglicana de Mocambique e Angola, or IAMA. IAMA consists of twelve dioceses, eight on Mozambique and four in Angola.



The Province of Mozambique and Angola was inaugurated on 24 September 2021.

Until an archbishop is appointed, the presiding bishop of the province is the Rt. Rev. Carlos Matsinge, Bishop of Lebombo. The new archbishop is expected to be appointed in March 2022.


Angola New Dioceses

Diocese of Bom Pastor in Luanda North

Covering North Luanda and the provinces of Bengo, Cabinda, Kwanza Norte and Malange.

Bishop: Rt Rev André Soares

Diocese of Cristo Rei (Christ the King) in Uíge

Covering the provinces of Uige and Zaire.

Vicar General: Revd Manuel Mfinda

Missionary Diocese of Divina Esperança (Divine Hope) in Luanda South

Covering South Luanda and the provinces of Kwanza Sul, Lunda Norte and Lunda Sol.

Vicar General: Revd Joaquim Bondo

Missionary Diocese of Central and South Angola

Covering the provinces of Benguela, Namibe, Cunene, Huila, Huambo, Bie, Moxico and Kwando-Kubango.

Vicar General: Ven Pedro Vilares Jamba

A full staff list is available, including the officers of the Council of the Anglican Church in Angola.


Moz New Dios

Diocese of Lebombo

Covering the province of Maputo. A part of the existing Diocese of Lebombo.

Bishop: Rt Rev Carlos Matsinhe

Vicar General: Rev Luis Zandamela

Diocese of Niassa

Covering the province of Niassa. A part of the existing Diocese of Niassa.

Vicar General: Revd Lucas Mchema

Diocese of Nampula

Covering the provinces of Nampula and Cabo Delgado. The existing Diocese of Nampula.

Bishop: Rt Rev Manuel Ernesto

Missionary Diocese of Maciene

Covering the province of Gaza. A part of the existing Diocese of Lebombo.

Vicar General designate: Rev Agostinho Buque

Missionary Diocese of Inhambane

Covering the province of Inhambane. A part of the existing Diocese of Lebombo.

Vicar General: Ven Emanuel Capeta

Missionary Diocese of Pungue

Covering the provinces of Manica and Sofala. A part of the existing Diocese of Lebombo.

Vicar General: Rev Paulo Hansine

Missionary Diocese of Zambesia

Covering the province of Zambesia. A part of the existing Diocese of Niassa.

Bishop designate: Rt Rev Vicente Msosa

Vicar General: Rev Martins Nselela

Missionary Diocese of Tete

Covering the province of Tete. Parts of the existing Diocese of Lebombo and Niassa.

Vicar General: Rev Eduado Bukutu