2005 Berta born 50 years age

[Source: Bishop Dinis Sengulane in 2005]

30 March 1955 saw the birth of a baby girl, very dark with big eyes and very pretty. She was given the name of Esperanca Berta when she was baptized, 32 days later.

Capulana of Berta
A capulana featuring Esperanca Berta Sengulane

Although she died in a car crash during the first visit of an ALMA group to Lebombo in 1998, her life has continued to inspire many in different parts of God’s vineyard. The year that marks her 50th birthday is being celebrated with acts of life in at least two main centres: Landamela, the place of birth, baptism and burial, and Maputo, where she spent most of her life and made many friends.

On 30 March a visit to where Berta was born 50 years ago by her family - and the midwife who assisted at her delivery - was a time of rejoicing. The mothers of a baby girl and a baby boy born there that day decided to call their babies Esperanca Berta and Dinis. Mosquito nets and other anti malaria items were presented to the maternity staff and unit and plants were planted by Bishop Dinis, his in laws and others.

After visiting the grave, people sat in the shade, sharing stories about Berta’s childhood, youth and adult life. In the evening, back in Maputo , a service of thanksgiving was held where beautiful songs composed by various choirs were sung during a joyful Eucharist.

For the weekend of 2-3 April, the Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Maguluine saw an unusual crowd as people from different corners of the city gathered to witness the enrolment to different Church groups, as a way of marking this special anniversary. Also, planting of trees, which Berta had started in that congregation.

Gifts were presented for the Church of the Sower, Khulula, taking advantage of the occasion. Two more major events will highlight the anniversary:

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