Resources for ALMA Sunday


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ALMA SUNDAY 12 July 2009

11th Anniversary of ALMA - the Partnership between the Anglican Churches in
Angola London and Mozambique

Please Pray for ALMA in your service today
remembering all the growing friendships as we learn to be church together


Church Leaders

our own leaders here in London:

Priests and Catechists in our partner Dioceses

Angola: 41 Parishes; 38 Priests (incl 3 retired); 5 Deacons (incl 1 retired)
Lebombo: 30 Parish Zones; 300 Congregations; 46 Priests; 300 Catechists
Niassa: 30 Parish Zones; 330 Congregations; 42 Priests; 650 Catechists

Training Programmes

Ministry and Mission Project in Angola, and Lay Leaders’ Link in Mozambique, which support the training of Catechists

ALMA Officers and ALMA Reps

Angola: Fr Nunes Pedro; Mario Dos Santos
London: Peter Southwood (Link Officer); Sheenagh Burrell (Communications Officer); John Tasker (Twinning Officer) and all the other volunteers on Task Group, the ALMA Chaplains and the 120 ALMA Reps and 100 ALMA Friends who keep the ALMA link thriving
Lebombo: Josephine Mutemba; Bento Michangula
Niassa: Revd David Geraldo; Revd Helen Van Koevering; Rebecca Vander Meulen

Link Parishes and Schools

Angola: 9 Link Parishes and 1 Link School
Lebombo: 11 Link Parishes and 2 Link Schools
Niassa: 14 Link Parishes and 1 Link Parent and Toddler group

Lent Appeals and the projects they will fund

The Equipas da Vida (HIV teams) and the Mothers’ Union who do such vital work

Pray for the Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals

M D G icons M D G icons

‘Supporting the Millennium Development Goals is a 21st century way of loving our neighbour. Promises have been made and world leaders have to be held to account for those promises even at a time of economic difficulty.’ Bishop Richard Chartres. Sept 2008

Prayer for the Millennium Goals from the Center of Concern

In a world where so many go hungry, Let us make the fruits of creation available for all.
In a world where one billion of our brothers and sisters do not have safe drinking water, Let us help the waters run clear.
In a world where so many die so young, and so many mothers die in childbirth, And so many families are ravaged by disease, Let us bring health and healing.
In a world where women carry such heavy burdens, Let us recognize and restore the rights of all.
Let us join together, with a new sense of global community, a new awareness of our need for one another, and for this fragile planet, to meet the clear challenge of the Millennium Goals, to bring hope as substantial as bread, to make human dignity as visible as wheat in the fields. Amen

Other Prayers, Litanies and Information on the Millenium Development Goals

Responsorial Prayer see: Sisters of Mercy site .

(Other websites for information: End Poverty 2015 and United Nations)

Prayer fish


God our Father,
the source of all gifts,
give us humility to receive,
honesty to ask and generosity to give,
in order to bring each other up
to your honour and glory.
We ask this through the merits of
Jesus Christ our Saviour. Amen.

See also the materials for Alma Sunday 2007

If you would like to worship alongside our ALMA partners on ALMA Sunday why not include one of these hymns:

  • What a friend we have in Jesus;
  • Seek ye first the kingdom of God;
  • How great thou art.

The pictures in this sheet are from the Rivers of Prayer - an important part of the River of Life Service in St Paul’s Cathedral on 13th July last year when the ALMA Covenant was renewed for another ten years. See for more.