News from Angola

[Source: John Tasker - February 2021]

The speed of developments in Angola reminds me of the infamous answer by Bishop André that his mission strategy is running to keep up with the Holy Spirit! So, are you ready …

In the last three months, Bishop André has held five ordination services, one in each of the archdeaconries in Luanda and Uíge. 36 have been ordained of whom there are 26 new deacons and 10 priests. Two more archdeaconries have been created, which makes a total of eight with more in the pipeline after multiplication. One more congregation has become a separate parish. There will be a further ordination service in Luanda at Pentecost, which will be the last before Bishop André retires in September.

Subject to confirmation this week by the Synod of Bishops in South Africa, Vicars General for the new missionary dioceses may be appointed mid-year. Archbishop Thabo has indicated he hopes the new Portuguese-language province will be approved by the Communion by the end of this year with election of new bishops following next year.

More detail on the last three months follows:

(There is a full staff list for the Diocese of Angola in the Partner Dioceses section of this site.)