Visits: Record and Reports 1998

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Nov 1998
Elizabeth Tucker (E)
Linda Hillier (W)
Robert Ashdown (K)
Lebombo First visit celebrating the ALMA Link.
On 26 November, Berta Sengulane died instantly in a serious car crash at Zove. Bishop Dinis, his two sons and Linda Hillier were not seriously hurt. Elizabeth and Robert were seriously injured, but gradually regained good health.
Zove now has a church and a health centre. A school is being built. The place of pain has been transformed into a place of hope (Dec 2006).
Dec 1998
Bishop Graham Dow (W)
Lebombo To attend Berta Sengulane’s funeral in Maputo and Zandamela.
A: Angola     L: Lebombo    N: Niassa
E: Edmonton    K: Kensington    S: Stepney    2C: Two Cities    W: Willesden