Visits: Record and Reports 2003
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Jul 2003*
Bishop elect Mark (N)
London Addresses London Diocesan Synod on his vision for Niassa.
Jul 2003
Revd Susie Snyder (S)
Susie spends five weeks in Lebombo as part of her ordinand's training.
14 Sep 2003
Bishop Michael Colclough (K)
Cynthia Colclough (K)
Highveld Diocese
S. Africa
Consecration of André Soares as first Bishop of Angola and Mark Van Koevering as Bishop of Niassa.
28 Sep 2003
Revd Mike Clark (E)
Robert Ashdown (K & MANNA)
Mollie Nicholls (E and MU)
Angola Enthronement of Bishop André. Also visited Benguela, twinned with St John's Pinner, and Nora Sturges health centre in Lobito.
Oct 2003
Revd Bonifacio Fennias(N)
Austin (Catechist)
London Visit to Link Parish: St Nicholas, Shepperton.
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