Visits: Record and Reports 2004

Who Where Why
Feb 2004
Bishop Dinis (L)
London Visit to Twyford School whilst in London for MANNA AGM.
Jun 2004
Bishop Mark Van Koevering (N)
Revd Helen Van Koevering (N)

First visit to London after Bishop Mark’s installation in 2003.

We have an account of their visit.

Jun 2004
Fr Agostinho Buque
London Visit to St John’s and St Peter’s Notting Hill
Jul 2004 
Twyford High School (W)
Alice Hudson (Head)
Revd Dave Brammer (Chaplain)
Ms Dooley (Teacher)
Amy Gifford (yr 12)
James Salter (yr 11)
Laura Mainwearing (yr 11)
James Scott (yr 10)
Mollie Brammer (yr 8)
Matthew Burrell (yr 8)
Grace (yr 7)
Visit to Twin School: St Cyprien’s Maputo.
Visit street children projects and Maciene.
Autumn 2004
St Peter’s Fulham (K)
Robert Ashdown (MANNA)

A Visited St Augustine’s, Viana for All Saints, Fulham.
N Visited Link Parish at Nampula and Murrupula. Also visited Nacala, Ihla de Moxambique, Cuamba, Lichinga and Lakeshore.

Robert Ashdown has written his reflections on the visit.

13 Oct – 16 Nov 2004
Revd Chris Swift (K)
Sandy Swift (K)

Catechist training programme in Milange, Nampula and Lakeshore. Worked with MU to produce programme on Christian marriage and issues around domestic violence.

The Swifts have written a report on their visit.

Nov 2004
Adrian Chatfield
Angola Setting up Theological Education by Extension (TEE) programme.
A: Angola     L: Lebombo    N: Niassa
E: Edmonton    K: Kensington    S: Stepney    2C: Two Cities    W: Willesden