Visits: Record and Reports 2005
Who Where Why
Jul 2005 (PDF 304KB)
SS James & John Friern Barnet (E)
David, Frances and John Philpott
Lebombo Visit to Link Parish: St.George’s, Beira, and Zove.
Aug 2005 (PDF 1.46MB)
All Saints, Fulham (K)
Revd Elisabeth Morse
Jonathan Wheeler
Elissa Douglas
Nicki Thompson
Angola Visit to Link Parish: St Augustine’s, Viana.
Aug-Sep 2005
St Andrew’s, Enfield (E)
Dinos Kousoulou
Niassa Management consultancy assistance.
Sep 2005
St Mary’s, Hampton (K)
Revd Derek Winterburn
Francesca Keating
Carrie Lees
Niassa Fact finding visit to potential link parish in Mandimba.
Sep 2005
St Stephen’s, Canonbury (S)
Revd David Moore
John Tasker (Reader)
Anne Cartwright
Pastor Jose Manuel Nascimento
Angola Visit to Link Parish: St Estêvão, Luanda.
Visit to Uige for reunion with Jose’s mother and family and to witness Luanda’s relationship with the rest of the country.
Sep 2005
Father Mauricio Msossa (N)
Monica Msossa (MU Mesumba)
London Visit to Link Parish: St Peter’s, Hammersmith
Sep-Oct 2005
St Andrew’s, Sudbury (W)
Revd Felicity Scroggie
Ruth Moher
Visited Messumba health centre.
Conducted clergy retreat at Lakeshore.
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