Visits: Record and Reports 2017

Who Where Why
16 - 25 January
Martyrs Parish, Uíge (A)
Ven Augusto Domingos
Paulo Manuel
St Marylebone
Visit to linked church and schools, St Mellitus College, and meeting with ALMA Reps/Friends.
6 - 18 February
Bishop Manuel Ernesto (N)
London Visit Edward Betham Primary School, St Mellitus Hanwell, Hampton and Teddington parishes, St Paul’s Ealing and Enfield and Tottenham parishes. Meetings with Bishop Rob Wickham, and other ALMA staff. (After New Bishops’ course at Canterbury.)
29 March - 8 April
Bishop Rob Wickham
Lebombo and Niassa

To attend the enthronement of Bishop-elect Vicente Msosa as Bishop of Niassa. Also to visit Bishop Carlos Matsinhe in Lebombo.

There are tweets and pictures from this visit.

4-12 June
John Tasker

To participate in the Synod of the Diocese of Angola to be held in Luanda 8-11 June, and meet with Bishop André Soares and diocesan staff.

John has written a full Visit Report. (PDF1881Kb)

2 - 10 July
Lebombo Pilgrims


Pilgrimage to Canterbury and attend ALMA Sunday events.

There is a news article and itinerary of this visit.

There is an article from Fr Louis Darrant of St Paul’s Knightsbridge about the visit.

9 - 19 July
Bishop Carlos Matsinhe (L)
London To meet ALMA parish clergy and ALMA London officers, attend the ALMA Sunday events, and attend London Diocesan Synod.
20 - 30 July
Simon Gordon Clark
30 September - 10 October
Ven Diniz Mbenuca (N)
London To visit his link parish St Nicholas Shepperton
12 - 19 October
Fr Alfredo Nhabetse, Nhamavila parish zone
Ivan Macie, ALMA Link Officer (L)
London To visit Fr Alfredo’s link parish, St Paul’s Knightsbridge.
22- 26 November
Archdeacon John Hawkins

Visit to Oporto for the 3rd Lusophone Conference. It was the first time Companion Links & Mission Agencies in Angola and Mozambique were invited.


A: Angola    L: Lebombo    N: Niassa
E: Edmonton    K: Kensington    S: Stepney    2C: Two Cities    W: Willesden