Visits: Record and Reports 2018

Who Where Why
3 February -3 March
Revd Teodósio Tovela (L)
London Study Visit attending St Mellitus College and various Diocese of London Continuing Ministerial Development and Post Ordination training sessions, the Cathedral, and other training opportunities, with a view to researching new resources and materials for St Christopher’s Seminary and building closer links with St Mellitus.
12 - 17 February
Bishop Carlos Matsinhe (L)
Bishop Vicente Msosa (N)
London This was Bishop Vicente’s first visit to London and our first opportunity to meet him. He and Bishop Carlos were in Canterbury 1-12 February at the New Bishops’ Course and then spent a few days in London with us.
14 - 22 April
David Junior (L)
London Commonwealth Youth Forum from 14 – 18 April then with ALMA from 19 – 22 April.
10 - 15 May
Bishop Carlos Matsinhe (L)
London To attend the installation of Bishop Sarah Mullally as the Bishop of London.
7 - 18 June
John Tasker, ALMA Twinning Officer

To attend the Extraordinary Synod of the Diocese of Angola, visit the church health centre in Lobito and church school in Benguela, and participate in a diocesan strategic planning workshop.

John has written a full report on his visit (PDF1047Kb).

St. Stephen’s, Luanda (A)
Ven Emmanuel Dacosta
Isabel Mendes
Rev Fernando Oliveira
Lutezo Araújo Malungo
Sidónia Joaquim
Teresa Ferreira
Fernando Fumuassuca
Adelino Mucano


Visit to St Stephen’s Canonbury (S). The visitors took part in the ALMA Sunday service at St Paul’s cathedral.

There is a letter from Archdeacon Dacosta to ALMA about the visit.

4 - 17 July
Bishop Vicente Msosa (N)

To preach at the ALMA Sunday service in St Paul’s Cathedral, and to visit parishes linked to Niassa

Sheenagh Burrell has written a full report on Bishop Vicente’s visit (PDF426Kb).

12 - 30 October
Revd Chris and Sandy Swift
Paul and Elaine Cooper
St Nicholas Shepperton (K)
Niassa Visiting linked parish in Milange.
19 - 29 October
Revd Ben Lovell
Carrie Lees
Fiona Rowett
Isabel Fernando
St Mary’s Hampton (K)
Niassa Visits to Lichinga and Cuamba to visit one of the Good Seeds Young People who they are supporting through her nurse’s training.
24 October - 3 November
Helen Doery, ALMA Communications Officer
Martin How

Visiting Maputo for Diocesan Synod, the Diocesan Family weekend, 125th Anniversary of the Anglican Church in Mozambique then visiting link parishes.

Helen Doery has written a full report on the celebrations, and the various parishes that they visited.

28 October - 13 November
Revd Edmund Cargill Thompson
The Rooted in Jesus Training team
Niassa Attend conferences in Nampula and Lichinga

A: Angola    L: Lebombo    N: Niassa
E: Edmonton    K: Kensington    S: Stepney    2C: Two Cities    W: Willesden