Visits: Record and Reports 2019

Who Where Why
29 Jan - 8 Feb
Revd Simon Brandes
Five others
St Nicholas Chiswick
Angola Visit their link parish in Namacunde Southern Angola via Namibia. They will meet Fr Elias Mbala and see the new church for which they have raised significant funds
28 February -22 March
Dinos Kousoulu
Niassa and Nampula Consulting and Training. Also attend inauguration of the new Mission Diocese of Nampula
Bishop Rob Wickham
(Bishop for ALMA)
Nampula Attend the inauguration of the new Missionary Diocese of Nampula
Rev Joe Moffatt (K)
St Mary with St Alban and Ss Peter and Paul Teddington
Nampula Visit link parish of Pemba and Chiure, and attend the inauguration of the new Missionary Diocese of Nampula
6 Aug - 11 Aug
Bishop Sarah Mullally
(Bishop of London)

Visit the Diocese

Bishop Sarah has written a report of her visit. She has also written about the visit in her blog.

There is also a Diocese of London news story about the Peace Accord

Bishop Rob Wickham
(Bishop for ALMA)
Archdeacon John Hawkins
(ALMA Vice-chair)


Attend the celebration marking Angola’s transition to a full Diocese.

Also visit the latest ALMA School extension project at St Joseph’s School Rocho Pinto (see┬ámore), St Peter’s Casenga and St Stephen’s Golfe.