Visit Report 2008


Visit of Revd Tim McGowan to northern Mozambique

August/September 2008

Tim visited Niassa for two weeks in August and September 2008, partly in response to an earlier invitation from Helen van Koevering to visit Lichinga. He was part of a group from Christ Church, Kenilworth, in Cape Town, which was teaching on repentance in prayer. The group visited the Lakeshore communities of Messumba and Chuanga, and also attended and helped at a training programme: ‘Growing the Church’ in Lichinga.

Since returning from Niassa, Tim’s church, St Matthew’s Fulham, has decided to establish a link with St John’s Chiia, in Niassa.

Tim was visiting Helen’s church, SS Simao and Judas in Nzinze, on the day when the five photos below were taken and he has provided the explanatory comments.

Drama scene
These photos show the drama we taught to the pastors which illustrates the power of prayer. The three people represent grief, anger and fear which torment the central character. The rope on the floor represents his life.
Drama scene
The drama helps us to recognise that we have allowed sinful behaviours and attitudes into our lives which bind us, and which do not allow us to have freedom in Christ.
Drama scene
The main character then drives out and rebukes those things that torment him, empowered through a fresh understanding how prayer can be used.
Audience These are the people watching the drama, including members of our team and Rebecca Vander Meulen (Niassa HIV Co-ordinator)
Choir at Nzinze
The SS Simao and Judas, Nzinze, Choir