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18 June 2022

There is an article on the Diocese of London site celebrating the consecration of eight new bishops in Mozambique and Angola. It includes a video with the Bishop of London and with the Bishop of Edmonton, chair of the ALMA Steering Group.

18 June 2022

The parish of Christ the Redeemer, Southall has joined the Southall group of parishes linked with parishes in the city of Lichinga. Our list has been updated.

12 May 2022

There is a new parish link between St Ann, Tottenham and St Joseph, Huambo in Angola, and our lists and maps now include it.

9 May 2022

As new Bishops are elected for the new Dioceses in Mozambique and Angola, they are added to the Partner Dioceses list.

25 April 2022

The Easter 2022 ALMA Newsletter “Living Easter in Mozambique and Angola” is now available.

25 April 2022

The Prayer Card for ALMA Morning Prayer on 27 April has been added.

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