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Recent additions and changes

20 February 2018

There is news of floods in Niassa, their response, and their needs.

1 February 2018

The ALMA newsletter of 31 January is now available.

14 January 2018

We have received a Parish Profile for St James, Morrumbala - background information to assist their link to St Andrew Enfield and Holy Trinity, Tottenham.

24 December 2017

The ALMA newsletter of 21 December is now available.

13 December 2017

We have received a new list of clergy from the Diocese of Lebombo.

21 November 2017

Details of a new ALMA Video channel are available - the first two videos are of the Pilgrimage from Lebombo to London in July.

15 October 2017

The ALMA newsletter of 10 October is now available.

12 October 2017

We have an article about ALMA and the Pilgrimage from Lebombo in July, from Fr Louis Darrant of St Paul’s Knightsbridge.

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