Visit Report 2015


Poetry inspired by a visit to Lichinga

[Source: Nikkita Robert]

At the ALMA Reps Meeting on 20 October 2015, Nikkita Robert shared poetry and images inspired by her visit to Lichinga in Niassa Diocese. She was visiting with a group from the linked parishes in Southall in August 2015. Nikkita Robert is now a Capital Vision Youth Apprentice.

“In August, I witnessed joy, grief, pain and strength in the people of Lichinga, Mozambique. I saw a community of people who care for and love one another without boundaries, and in particular I witnessed the strength and unity of the Mother’s Union - a union that is willing to travel miles to visit a fellow sister or brother in Christ, in need of prayer, hospitality and friendship. I witnessed the freedom in how Mozambicans worship our God, and how freely they give him their hearts, souls and minds. I also got to capture Mozambique in its candid beauty, a country that has seen such struggles but understands triumph much more. And I cried and cried, when words failed me both verbally and on paper so coming home to reflect was a great task for me. And in that reflection, I managed to capture my heart and thoughts.”

Mozambique: Faces.

I will remember
each face,
whose smiles
melted my heart
and whose eyes,
captured more than
my camera ever could.

Mozambique: Finally, free.

A dedication to the Mother’s Union of Lichinga, Niassa.

Mothers Union members

I have learnt to
allow my soul,
to break free
in attempt to sing a
new song to the King.

Inspired by your movement.
Each step synchronised
To the beat of your hearts.
In tune with the,
rhythm of your songs.

I see you freely
believe in our
almighty King.

And I finally,
can see,
what freedom looks like
for me.

Mozambique: Silenced.


You are the first,
to leave me
lost for words.

You are the first,
to leave my mind,

I had no words to describe you.
No metaphors or
similes up my sleeve.

Just a heart,
and soul,
that was desperate to
know more of you.

To know your people,
to know your ways,
To understand your struggle,
yet understand your triumph.

I cannot describe you.
And I don’t need to.

I’ll leave it up to you,
to do the talking.

Mozambique: This Crier’s Cry.

With the children

I was told not to cry.
So, I let my soul weep.
Confusion covered my skin,
wrapping itself
like a cocoon around me.

I was told not to cry.
So, I let my soul weep.
Disturbed, by the graphics
my very own eyes had seen.

I was told not to cry.
So, I let my soul weep.
I later realised my issue,
ran so deep.

I was told not to cry.
So, I let my soul weep,
only to discover
my teardrops
weren’t co-operating.

And told a different story.

Mozambique: To the Children.

Children on a wall

To the children,
please remain
And know that you
are far richer than I
could ever be.

Mozambique: Wonders.


There are wonders
in this world,
that is worth every penny
of your travel expense.

And there are wonders
in this world,
that must be seen with
your eyes.

And there are wonders
in this world,
that must be felt only with
the heart.

And there are wonders
in this world,
that make you wonder
how glorious our God is.

© Nikkita Robert