Visits: Record and Reports 2015

Who Where Why
13-24 April
St Mary’s Stoke Newington (S)
Revd. Dilly Baker
John Guest
Ann Flett
Jonathan Gebbie
Sarah Robson
Michael White
Visit linked parish.

A blog of their visit - “St Mary’s goes to Tete” - is available.

There is also a report of their visit.


4-17 June
Sheenagh Burrell
Niassa – Attend Diocese of Niassa Strategic Review and Confirmation Service at Yohanna Abdullah, Lichinga. There is a report of the visit to Niassa, and also of the Strategic Review.

Lebombo – Meet Bishop Carlos and his new diocesan team. There is a report of the visit to Lebombo.

6 – 13 July
Bishop Mark van Koevering (N)
Revd Helen van Koevering
Kylie van Koevering
London Visit to London, meetings with priests of linked parishes and ALMA Reps/Friends, attend ALMA Sunday Service in St Paul’s Cathedral and MANNA AGM at St John’s, Waterloo
15 July - 23 July
Twyford High School
Sophie Da Silva (Head of Specialist Languages)
Lebombo Visit to Maciene School. Teaching an English language teaching method, preparing a UN model debate for the Maciene School visit in September 2015, and preparing a scheme for Twyford students to be language assistants at Maciene in Summer 2016.
6 - 19 August
Southall Parishes
Revd Dawn Jewson
Nikkita Robert
Afiya Romain-Bains


There are poems by Nikkita Robert inspired by the visit, illustrated with her pictures from the visit.

14 - 27 September
Maciene School (L)
Boaventura Langa (Headteacher)
Euclida Chilengue
Heilo Maniate
London Visit to Twyford High School and William Perkin High School (W)
24 September - 5 October
John Tasker (ALMA Twinning Officer)
Ven Christopher Cunliffe (MANNA Chair)
Jake Cunliffe
Angola Visit to Diocese of Angola
St Mary’s Hampton
Niassa Visit to link parish of St Paulo, Mandimba
A: Angola    L: Lebombo    N: Niassa
E: Edmonton    K: Kensington    S: Stepney    2C: Two Cities    W: Willesden