Visits: Record and Reports 2015
Who Where Why
13-24 April
St Mary’s Stoke Newington (S)
Revd. Dilly Baker
John Guest
Ann Flett
Jonathan Gebbie
Sarah Robson
Michael White
Visit linked parish.

A blog of their visit - “St Mary’s goes to Tete” - is available.

There is also a report of their visit.


4-17 June
Sheenagh Burrell
Niassa – Attend Diocese of Niassa Strategic Review and Confirmation Service at Yohanna Abdullah, Lichinga. There is a report of the visit to Niassa, and also of the Strategic Review.

Lebombo – Meet Bishop Carlos and his new diocesan team. There is a report of the visit to Lebombo.

6 – 13 July
Bishop Mark van Koevering (N)
Revd Helen van Koevering
Kylie van Koevering
London Visit to London, meetings with priests of linked parishes and ALMA Reps/Friends, attend ALMA Sunday Service in St Paul’s Cathedral and MANNA AGM at St John’s, Waterloo
15 July - 23 July
Twyford High School
Sophie Da Silva (Head of Specialist Languages)
Lebombo Visit to Maciene School. Teaching an English language teaching method, preparing a UN model debate for the Maciene School visit in September 2015, and preparing a scheme for Twyford students to be language assistants at Maciene in Summer 2016.
6 - 19 August
Southall Parishes
Revd Dawn Jewson
Nikkita Robert
Afiya Romain-Bains


There are poems by Nikkita Robert inspired by the visit, illustrated with her pictures from the visit.

14 - 27 September
Maciene School (L)
Boaventura Langa (Headteacher)
Euclida Chilengue
Heilo Maniate
London Visit to Twyford High School and William Perkin High School (W)
24 September - 5 October
John Tasker (ALMA Twinning Officer)
Ven Christopher Cunliffe (MANNA Chair)
Jake Cunliffe
Angola Visit to Diocese of Angola
A: Angola    L: Lebombo    N: Niassa
E: Edmonton    K: Kensington    S: Stepney    2C: Two Cities    W: Willesden
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